The EULISP alumni is an association of former participants in the EULISP study program at the University of Hanover. The alumni institutionalizes the communication and the exchange of experience between the former, present and future students of the legal system as well as the members of the faculty and the private sector. Our members are thus not only graduates, but also students, teachers, business representatives, etc. - the only connection with the EULISP study program and the legal information is crucial.


1. Oktober 2017

Our new website

Dear alumni, students and interested parties, We have relaunched our website with kind support from Wadim Ortlieb. It is in a new light and is to meet the requirements for a modern Internet presence in 2017. Currently we are not yet finished and try to fix the last bugs. We apologize to you, if the page is not yet optimal and there are still empty pages here and there. Thoses will be fixed in the next time. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at Best regards