The EULISP-Alumni Association is an association of former participants in the EULISP study program at the University of Hanover. The alumni association institutionalizes the communication and the exchange of experience between the former, present and future students of the legal system as well as the members of the faculty and the private sector. Our members are thus not only graduates, but also students, teachers, business representatives, etc. - the only connection with the EULISP study program and the legal information is crucial.

Latest activities

1. Mai 2021

EULISP Jubilee

EULISP has said farewell to its XXV. cohort this year and we would like to offer our sincere congratulations. It is a special cohort in many ways. On the one hand, the graduates had to come to terms with the impact of the Corona pandemic on teaching and the semester abroad, which was certainly not easy, since the EULISP lives to a significant extent from its partnerships in other European countries and the personal exchange between students. On the other hand, the graduates also witnessed far-reaching digitalization processes in commerce, the home office and also teaching, which had been somewhat dormant for a long time. Many things that previously seemed unthinkable are now daily routine, and at the same time, countless legal issues have arisen from these developments, which are excellently accommodated within the framework of the EULISP and directly demonstrate the topicality of the program. Almost prophetically, the initiators of the EULISP decided at that time to include the word "European" in its name, thus emphasizing the importance of the European integration process for legal informatics.