Digital Property Rights Zoom-Seminar

On January 27th, 2021, the inaugural Zoom lecture of our alumnus Dr. Ioannis Revolidis dealt legally with the question of "digital property" using the example of the ECJ decision, case C-268/18 - Tom Kabinet. The judgment concerned the question if the resale of “used” e-books infringes copyright law or can be justified due to the so-called exhaustion principle. Unlike in his judgment in case C-128/11 - UsedSoft the ECJ ruled that the resale of e-books does not fall under the exemption of the exhaustion principle. Furthermore, from the point of view of the ECJ, used e-books are not software either, and Tom Kabinet does not refer to the exhaustion principle in the software directive. Ioannis lecture and the related discussion, dealt with the legal and social implications of the ECJ's judgement, which also affects our fundamentals rights, e.g. the entitlement to free access to information on which our social order is based. Many thanks to Ioannis for his own and enriching lecture!